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FAA Medical Exams for Pilots

Performed at this office

  • First Class Medical Exams ($120 + $60 for ECG)
    ECG Testing for First Class Pilots over 40 years of age also available
    (First ECG required at age 35, then not again until age 40)

  • Second Class FAA Medical Exams ($120)

  • Third Class FAA Medical Exams ($100)

  • Commercial Driver's License Exams (CDL) ($120)

  • Add-on CDL to FAA Exam ($60)

  • Sports and General Physical Exams ($100)

Useful links about medical certificates:

General Information for Pilots

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Medical Certificate Validity

FAA Information

External links direct to FAA website:

FAA User Guide for 8500-8 completion 

FAA Website for Form 8500-8 Completion
Locate an AME
Pilot Safety Brochures
Pilot Health
Medical Certification FAQs

Call for appointments: 360-568-1541 #3
Dr. Brown's Cell Phone:  206-423-9309
Dr. Brown's Fax number:  206-533-0474
Office Fax number:  360-863-3795

About Dr. Brown​​


Dr. Brown is a NW physician and commercial pilot who works as an Emergency Department physician and has been performing FAA medical exams for over 20 years.  He is also the medical director for a local air ambulance company, MedFlightOne.


Call for appointments: 360-568-1541 #3

Office Location & Address:

Harvey Airfield (S43)
Snohomish Flying Service Medical Division (
9900 Airport Way
Snohomish, WA 98296

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